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About us

Our company group, Waldorf-Holding's Waldorf-Hotel divison focuses on hotel development and operations. We are your partner if you wish to outsource the F&B operations of your hotel (breakfast, restaurant, banqueting, drinks bar, mini bar, room service). We channel all of our experience and know-how to help our partner hotels significantly reduce their costs and increase their revenues, without having to decrease their range of services. When developing a new hotel in cooperation with the investor(s), first we consider the possibilities and opportunities provided by the estate and its neighbourhood, the existing and planned infrastructure, tourist attractions and the expectations of the target market. Our services include:



  • development of the concept and determining the optimal scale of operation
  • feasibility study
  • financial planning of the investment
  • hotel design in cooperation with the architects and interior designers, design of the work premises
  • overseeing the construction works
  • development of the range of services



  • HR selection, recruitment, training
  • development of the price strategy
  • introduction of the hotel to the key markets
  • sales & marketing
  • finance/administration
  • everyday operation of the hotel
  • suggestions for further developments
  • cooperation with the TDMs and tourism service providers of the region